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Paint Pittston Pink

Paint Pittston Pink™ Unsung Hero Award

Paint Pittston Pink™ was formed in 2014 with a mission to “bring the community together to support a cure for ALL cancers through research and clinical trials”.  Several awards have been created over the past few years to help in highlighting the special people who make a difference in the lives of others. 

The Paint Pittston Pink Unsung Hero Award was the first community award created by Paint Pittston Pink™.  The Unsung Hero Award was designed to recognize an individual(s) whose efforts have gone above and beyond what is required to make the annual series of events a success.  Qiana Murphy Lehman, Esq. received the inaugural award in 2014 as a token of thanks and friendship for her tireless efforts in the formation of Paint Pittston Pink™, a 501c3 organization.  Paint Pittston Pink™ decided that this award should be presented annually as a symbol of goodwill in the community and to honor Qiana Lehman, Paint Pittston Pink™’s first Unsung Hero. 

Paint Pittston Pink™ Unsung Hero Award Recipients:

2014:  Qiana Murphy Lehman, Esq.

2015:  Mayor Michael Lombardo

2016:  Jay Duffy

2017:  Greg Holl

2018:  Joe Nealon

2019:  Bob Price

2020:  Rob and Linda Johnson

2021:  Dori Latona

2022: John Adonizio

2023: Holy Rosary School Duryea

The Paint Pittston Pink™ Award for Courage

The Paint Pittston Pink Award for Courage is presented annually in honor of Sara Mazzitelli.  Sara Mazzitelli is a middle school math teacher at Wyoming Area. She is also the head coach for the Wyoming Area Lady Warriors Volleyball team. She grew up in West Wyoming with her parents, Paul and Helen, and younger sister, Lauren. Sara currently resides in Forty Fort with her rescue dogs, Dante & Franklin.

In February 2016, at the age of 31, Sara was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer – an invasive ductal carcinoma that had spread to the breast tissue and lymph nodes. Sara completed fifteen rounds of chemotherapy at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman Center before undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, and she completed treatment in November 2016 following 28 rounds of radiation.

Sara received the great news that no residual cancer had been found in the tissue and lymph nodes that were removed during surgery.

If Sara could give advice to anyone who is going through the fight against breast cancer, it would be to stay positive and lean on those around you. A positive mindset and a solid support system can and will make a huge difference in your fight. Most importantly, don’t let cancer define you. You are stronger than cancer and you are more than a diagnosis!

Paint Pittston Pink™ Award for Courage Award Recipients:

2016:  Sara Mazzitelli

2017:  Rebecca Sammon

2018:  Carol Hiscox

2019:  Matt Macaluso

2020:  Angela Harashinski

2021:  Dr. Tina George Orr

2022: Erica Lynn Teixeira-Sowden

2023: Patricia Weidlich

The Paint Pittston Pink™
Celebration of Life Award

The Paint Pittston Pink Celebration of Life Award is given annually in memory of Brian and Annarose McNulty.           

The former Annarose Adonizio was born and raised in Hughestown. She was a graduate of Pittston Area High School and attended Wilkes University. She was employed by the Luzerne Intermediate Unit and was an active member of the Pittston Library Association, serving as a board member.  Brian was born and raised in Pittston. He graduated from St. John’s High School, King’s College, and Temple University School of Pharmacy. He was employed as a registered Pharmacist at Rite Aid Pharmacy and was co-owner of Family Prescription Counter, Duryea. He was a member of the Lackawanna County Pharmacy Association and volunteered at the Care and Concern Clinic in Pittston. Brian and Annarose were married in 1977 and had a daughter, Melissa, two years later.

As a young wife and mother, Annarose was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. She underwent a colectomy in 1985 and went into remission for six years. At the age of 39, doctors discovered

her cancer had metastasized to her bladder and lungs. She then received extensive chemotherapy and radiation. She endured lengthy hospital stays for her treatment, which often meant time away from her young daughter.  Her fight was not easy as she endured many complications, but she showed tremendous strength through it all and always appeared upbeat and positive.  Annarose passed away while in the hospital at the young age of 41 in 1992. She made the most out of every day she was given in this life. Her dedication to her family and friends was something to be admired and her charisma, fun-loving attitude, positivity, and spirit are continually remembered through her loved ones.

Due to a clinical trial that Annarose was enrolled in, Brian became a dedicated platelet donor and was a successful donor for years. In 2012, however, he was turned away several times because of low hemoglobin results. After a diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency anemia, Brian still wasn’t feeling himself. Normally upbeat and energetic, he began experiencing fatigue and notable weight loss. In 2013, several enlarged lymph nodes were biopsied, and results confirmed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. After a year of failed chemotherapy cycles, he underwent a stem cell transplant in June of 2014. Unfortunately, this did not eradicate his lymphoma, but Brian continued to fight. In combination with immunotherapy, he started a newly approved drug and was starting to show promise. Nonetheless, in January of 2015, Brian lost his battle to lymphoma due to complications of the disease.  Brian met everyone he encountered with a smile. He faced his disease just as he did the other adversities he faced in life, with unwavering strength, resilience and a positive attitude. He loved his career as a pharmacist and his relationships with customers, but his greatest joy in life was spending time with his family and friends, especially his three granddaughters, Giuliana, Angelina, and Maya.

Brian’s and Annarose’s lives were cut short by cancer, but not any less fulfilled despite it. They both celebrated each day to the fullest and experienced great love, joy and happiness.  

Although, they faced cancer decades apart, they both believed in the research and participating in the newest treatments.  Not only would Brian and Annarose be tremendously honored to be remembered by their community in this way, but also to be a part of such a worthy cause toward the eradication of cancer.

Paint Pittston Pink Celebration of Life Award Recipients:

2017:  Elizabeth (BJ) Johnson

2018:  Tom and Dianne Tigue

2019:  Lisa Jones Kutra

2020:  Christopher Manganiello

2021:  John “Jack” and Rosemary McHale

2022: Joseph J. Lenza, Jr.

2023: The Family of Patrick Shotwell, Sr.

The Paint Pittston Pink™ Survivor Award

The Paint Pittston Pink™ Survivor Award is presented annually in honor of Kara Martin, a member of the Paint Pittston Pink™ Committee since its inception who is also a fellow cancer survivor.   

Born and raised in Dalton, Kara Martin moved to the Pittston area after marrying her husband, Chris, a native of Pittston. Kara is a 1996 graduate of Bishop O’Hara High School and received her PharmD degree in 2002 from the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy at Wilkes University. She has been a pharmacist in both independent and chain pharmacies over the years and is currently a pharmacist in the mail order industry.

Kara lives in Duryea with her husband, Chris, and their two children, Connor and Reagan. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, arts and crafts, interior design, and spending time with family and friends.

“Paint Pittston Pink™ holds a special place in my heart because I, too, am a cancer survivor. In 2007, just six weeks after the birth of my first child, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a rare

cancer of the lymphatic system. I discovered a large lump in my neck and was hospitalized for almost one week while doctors ran multiple tests trying to find an explanation for my symptoms. Never did I think that a cancer diagnosis would be the answer.  After completing 6 very long cycles of chemotherapy over 6 months, I was clear of cancer. I have been able to live a healthy life since that diagnosis with regular check-ups and testing. I am truly grateful for the support I received from my husband, family and friends while learning to be a new mom, trying to work, and carrying on regular day to day activities during this time. I am now honored to be a part of Paint Pittston Pink™ and to support those that are afflicted with this life-changing challenge.”

Paint Pittston Pink™ Survivor Award Recipients:

2018:  Tony Callaio

2019:  Michael Burke

2020:  Dr. Yvonne Galella

2021:  Melissa Manganiello Ostroskie

2022: Gloria Blandina

2023: Irene Kovaleski

The Paint Pittston Pink™
Spirit of Community Award

The Paint Pittston Pink Spirit of Community Award is presented annually to a person or business who has made a positive and impactful contribution to the community that aligns with our mission statement. 

Paint Pittston Pink™ Spirit of Community Award Recipients:

2018:  Latona Trucking and Excavating

Spirit of Community Award - 2018 Latona Trucking

2019:  Liberty Tax

Spirit of Community Award - 2019 LIberty Tax

2020:  Agolino Family

Spirit of Community Award - 2018 Agolino's

2021:  Fork Over Love

Spirt of Community Award 2021 -- Fork Over Love

2022: David Pedri of The Luzerne Foundation

Spirit of Community Award 2022 - David Pedri of The Luzerne Foundation

2023: Hadley Construction

Spirit of Community Award 2023 - Hadley Construction

The Paint Pittston Pink™
Pride of Pittston Award

The Paint Pittston PinkPride of Pittston Award was created in 2019 as a friendly decorating competition for our downtown businesses.  

2019:  Napoli Pizza

2021:  First Choice Business Solutions


2022: CrossFit Anthracite


2023: Greater Pittston Urology


Pride of Pittston 2023 - Greater Pittston Urology
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